Funk Drums

Recorded in 2012 at the all-analogue ‘Gizzard Recording’ in London, ‘Funk Drums’ features 87 old school funk and soul loops captured on 2″ tape using vintage microphones and outboard gear.

Each loop is supplied as separate .wav stems for the bass drum, snare drum and left and right overhead channels, unmixed, just as it was off the tape – allowing you to add EQ, dynamics and effects to your own taste.

Every care was taken each step along the signal path to ensure that we got a truly awesome drum sound!

Recorder: Studer A80 2″ 16 Track Tape Machine

Digitising: UAD Apollo

Desk: Alice Stancoil, 1970′s Quadraphonic desk

Mics: Calrec 600, Shure 545 , Calrec CM 100, 10” speaker

Drums: 1960’s Ludwig Super Classic

Snare drums: Ludwig 400, Ludwig Black Beauty, Carrera Terrier

Cymbals: vintage Zildjian A’s and K’s